Melting Plastic the easy way

All my setup: MendelMax 1.5+ W/ Heated bed/glass, Pronterface/Slic3r MkV 3.5Head / using 3mmPla

Im sure their will be some questions about my slic3r settings, config, speed fill etc… I can provide then when asked. in some hope of not delivering too much info from the get go. But I’ll attempt to describe each pic.






 (All Above are the same print ) The base printed fine. for a simple config. but some where near where the pillars start things went haywire.


The three above are 2 more atttempts to print the same. worse then the first.




The 3 above oblong pyramids were an attempt to see where the failure starts. Seems to me once the print starts to get smaller  this is where  the failure starts then snowballs. In these the base printed somewhat fine.



3 20mm hollow cubes walls 1mm : The main difference between the three is how the heated bed/fans were implemented. 1: bed set @ 50c then added fans half way thru the print. #2 @50 till base was printed then ramped up to 60c. #3 set at 60c all the way thru and no fans. Extruder set at 185 the whole way. FWiW the cubes do measure out at 20.2 +/- .1 and the walls are 1.0 +/- .01 so the calibration is close?



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