Monthly Archive: June 2015

ACETAL: 3d Printing 3mm Black MendelMax 1.5+

  • Acetal1-001
  • Acetal1-002
  • Acetal1-003
  • Acetal1-004
  • Acetal1-005
  • Acetal1-006
  • Acetal1-007
  • Acetal1-008
  • Acetal1-009
  • Acetal1-010
  • Acetal1-011
  • Acetal1-012
  • Acetal1-013
  • Acetal1-014
  • Acetal1-015
  • Acetal1-016
  • Acetal1-017
  • Acetal1-018

In an attempt to print a part from Acetal I quickly discovered that the claims about it not sticking to anything? Are quite TRUE! Acetal: Information has a good PDF with technical information regarding POM/Acetal....



  • PEIPrintBed-001
  • PEIPrintBed-002
  • PEIPrintBed-003
  • PEIPrintBed-004
  • PEIPrintBed-005

All,  like many others. Anyone who endeavors down the 3d printer road will soon discover the art of keeping your part secured on the print bed long enough to complete. and also not so...