Lathe Bed Protector / Board

Having several Lathes, and many chucks to choose from. I finally got around to making a board to place on the bed when swapping out chucks/backing plates. When the fall? thats no fun. The grizzly [...]

Crowner Mods -Tips

All, Helping a good friend of mine. he has a machine called a crowner. Its used for making arcs big ones not direct curves like 45, or 90′ bends. anyways its specs say it maxes out @ [...]

Grizzly Lathe Stand

This is “New to me” a grizzly lathe via Craigs list.   This isn’t going to work for me… time to replace it. Having taken all the measurements its time to get to work [...]

Welding Cart Part 1

Premise: Be more efficient! Make a cart for all my welding needs. Items to Store: AHP Tig Welder Water cooler system Anderson Stainless Tank Argon Bottle HTP Plasma cutter All cables hoses Tig [...]