Atlas Lathe Thrust bearing Mod

***Update: 05.11.13Its been several days and I have spent about 5 or so hours behind the lathe.and all  I have to say is WOW! what a difference. Jan @ tallgrass tools said the increased size [...]

Atlas Lathe Dial upgrade Pt2

Okay, So Im 99% are the dials installed along with the crossfeed index plate. FWiW I have a few drawings for the compound back plate. DWG and my G code file.Also Somewhere I have the [...]

ER collet collection Atlas lathe.

Getting tired of using the 3, 4 jaw chucks and decided to finally add a long overdue  ER arrangement to my  tool collection. I had the ER16 sets from a previous tool So I built an [...]

Atlas Lathe VFD Tach controller DONE

All, Just completed my long overdue controller for my Atlas Lathe. It started out pretty decent but I could see it getting much better.After 4-6 months of use the VFD drive is without a doubt the [...]

The Fly…(Born from Cd's)

All,I found this fly on a polish forum and thought it was so cool. I’d give it a shot.I ended up redrawing most of it in cad. for several reasons. 1: All cd/dvd’s are not created [...]

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