Laser 50W 500×300 China. Updated 80-100 Watt tube

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Before I start I want to give Russ S. (look for him on youtube) a great big Thanks for all the great information he has shared.

I have almost completed my upgrade to my machine. it started it life as a China 50w machine. (tube was most likely a 40/45 watt tube?) When I took ownership of the machine it was used. So I have no way of knowing the factory state of the tube. What I do know its was damaged and I was able to repair it. (See previous post). I have since retro fitted a Lightobject 45W new tube it was 60mm x 1000mm (bigger the n the tube that came with the unit.) And have again since retrofitted a 80/100 w tube 80mm x 1250mm. I upgraded to all copper mirrors (1″x.25″). as well as an appropriate 100w PSU.

Also, I have (in progress) upgraded to a small DIY chiller. former ice maker.

(Below inspection / access plates) used to gain access to the mirrors.

LaserPics2ndRound-1 LaserPics2ndRound-2

Below Holes cut into the machine for easier access to the mirrors.

LaserPics2ndRound-3 LaserPics2ndRound-4 LaserPics2ndRound-5 LaserPics2ndRound-6 LaserPics2ndRound-7 LaserPics2ndRound-8 LaserPics2ndRound-9 LaserPics2ndRound-10 LaserPics2ndRound-11 LaserPics2ndRound-12 LaserPics2ndRound-13 LaserPics2ndRound-14

Partial / mid progress on polishing of 100% pure copper mirrors.

LaserPics2ndRound-15 LaserPics2ndRound-16 LaserPics2ndRound-17 LaserPics2ndRound-18 LaserPics2ndRound-19 LaserPics2ndRound-20

Below the Light object tube still installed. Seen with the Russ branded Laser pointer installed.

LaserPics2ndRound-21 LaserPics2ndRound-22 LaserPics2ndRound-23

Below Trial testing of dual temp gages. Water temp flowing into and out of the tube.

LaserPics2ndRound-24 LaserPics2ndRound-25 LaserPics2ndRound-26 LaserPics2ndRound-27

Belwo Preliminary fitting of the tube. this is the 80/1oo pro tube.




See old tube in background for perspective.


Prelin fitting with Russ branded Tube mounts. I modified the hell out of them But thanks to Russ! for the foundation idea.

LaserPics2ndRound-31 LaserPics2ndRound-32 LaserPics2ndRound-33

See old tube sitting on top!? crazy small eh?


Below See new Outrigger bracket to support longer tube.


I had to add the notch to allow for clearance on the new tube.

LaserPics2ndRound-36 LaserPics2ndRound-37 LaserPics2ndRound-38 LaserPics2ndRound-39 LaserPics2ndRound-40

Cardboard template to aid in making the new cover/ shroud for the tube (pics will follow)

LaserPics2ndRound-41 LaserPics2ndRound-42

Below New PSU for the new 80/100 w Tube PSU is 120W model 30K

LaserPics2ndRound-43 LaserPics2ndRound-44 LaserPics2ndRound-45 LaserPics2ndRound-46

I took it apart to take pics and do an initial inspection before installing it.

LaserPics2ndRound-47 LaserPics2ndRound-48

I had to cobble together this temporary plug as the seller forgot to send me the plugs .


(more pics to follow)




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