A little different?

One of my trades is interior/upholstery related.  And for a second time I made an foam enclosure for a previous client of mine.  part of the process is making sure everything fits in their vehicle.
The enclosure was pre existing storage compartment in the rear of their vehicle. I made patterns from their equipment. and then assembled the foam. making sure to cut when necessary.  I used a hot wire to do the cutting. right near the end I contact cemented matching felt to the foam and then hot wired it. it makes for a nicer looking finish and also protects the foam from hand grease oil etc… the hot wire I use is scratch made one Power  supply 0-24V 30A regulate-able. the wire is SS .115 wire. the cutter assembly is uses a router table as the platform. works like a charm!
I was again in awe of the hardware. I wont go into what they are. (some of you already know) Just trust they are very very exotic! and pricey… as for the “in awe”  Im guessing you will be too. Lots ‘O pics. before and after.
B4d4ss-001 B4d4ss-002 B4d4ss-003 B4d4ss-005 B4d4ss-006 B4d4ss-007 B4d4ss-008 B4d4ss-009 B4d4ss-010 B4d4ss-011 B4d4ss-013 B4d4ss-014 B4d4ss-015 B4d4ss-016 B4d4ss-017 B4d4ss-018 B4d4ss-019 B4d4ss-020 B4d4ss-021 B4d4ss-022 B4d4ss-025 B4d4ss-026 B4d4ss-027 B4d4ss-028 B4d4ss-029 B4d4ss-030 B4d4ss-031 B4d4ss-032 B4d4ss-033 B4d4ss-034 B4d4ss-035

2 comments on “A little different?”

  1. rey says:

    Hey sam this is awesome! Is this for sale?? 😀

    1. Sam says:

      Rey, Sorry no I dont think so. These parts belong to my client. I needed them to make my patterns.

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