Air Compressor Mods (continued)

Stand build can be seen here. (first post)

Here are the front pages for the same units.

Mine is a Kobalt branded unit.


  • Tank 80 Gallon Campbell Hausfeld (Kobalt branded)
  • Compressor V config designed to pair with a 3450 RPM motor. Campbell Hausfeld (Kobalt branded)
  • Motor 5Hp Baldor 1750rpm 230v
  • Pullys setup to spin compressor at 2550 rpm


  • Add Quiter intake setup
  • Add an intercooler to the compressors output
  • add better water catch system
  • add missing belt shroud
  • Make the unit as quiet as I can with in reason
  • Outfit the entire setup so that it become a roll around unit. but able to become stationary.


  • The silver material is Peal and seal. cuts down noises just like dynamat.
  • The leveling feet are quickly adjustable so that the wheels are off the ground.
  • I replaced all the gauges, regulators and tank valves.(pretty much 100% of it.)


I tried several air intake setups. the factory filters were clumsy and fell apart when I tried dissecting them. So Now I have to design something the below pics are some of my trials

While the above pics did work they were still not as quiet as I had hoped. plus the PVC mufflers took up too much space. I decided to use the empty space between the tank and mount its hollow inside and would be the perfect filter space. My idea now is to dissect my so called PVC mufflers. and hide them in the space. if you look at the pics you can see the clear 3/4 vinyl tubing routed into the hollow space. results? worked like a charm and netted me my space back too. (below)

(From here up are Air intake filter related pics)

Time to build a fan shroud.

Leaky Sight glass! Guess Ill have to deal with this the next time I change the oil. (below)

Okay now its time to take it all back apart and paint the new pieces. get some new hardware and etc…

Dual 220v 130mm fans. 130cfm each. dead quiet. they kick on when the compressor is running


Yes.. yes! I know I have to cut off the excess bolts for the fans!  And add a few wire restraints for the fan power cables.



I still have to disassemble and paint this side of the compressor!

Dual water separators with auto drains. (Above)

The view between the cylinders showing the air intercooler. (Above)

Love my “LINK BELTS”. cant say enough about them.

Added some Barbed 90’s for the air intake.

I decided to keep my copper crossover tube. why not? Ill admit its not as cool looking as the braided lines though! kinda redneck looking.

My Horrible Freight auto drain. I’ll add while it works great! it could drain a little bit longer it pulses about 1/2 a second. Would be nice of it did 1-3 seconds? or was adjustable. But hey for less than 10 bucks? whos complaining? also added a manual ball valve drain.

99% done…

Still left to do:

Deal with the rolling base. and paint it. replace 2 of the braided lines fittings one was defective and or leaking. and paint the  air outlet side. fix the leaking sight glass. then I’m done?


Continued below:

SO it turns out the Compressor is sliding down in its base. after a few weeks I’d estimate 1/2 inch? Totally un acceptable!

My solution router a groove that matches up to the lower weld on the tank it self. the weld was about 1/2 wide. thus my groove is 1/2 wide too.  I hacked up a quick router mount to do the job since it was in the inside of a curve.



After painting (above)

She is done! Installed and Rolls like a Royce!


5 comments on “Air Compressor Mods (continued)”

  1. Dean Caruso says:

    Amazing mods! Really like to have a roller base like that, any chance your making/selling them?

    1. Floor Sweeper says:

      Sorry no Im not making them its truly a one off. Thanks a million for the nice words!

  2. Jerry Evans says:




    You have rolling feet or legs on the lathe did you make them or buy them and if you buy where? Good work, when I get the stuff out from in front of mine build. I will send you pic of it. Made a rolling stand – pallet for 3 husky 60 gal. With just 1 compressor. Bought them for the tanks and 1 had a compressor needed a new motor and power switch. Like I said looking good.

    1. Floor Sweeper says:

      On the lathe I bought them their standard wheels from where I cannot recall. On the Lathe Again bought but off Fleabay Their knockoffs, at a fraction of the cost.
      Ill send you a link. I wanted to replay asap. 🙂 Link will be coming asap. -S

      1. Jerry Evans says:

        OK thanks

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