Air Compressor Stand Rolling

The criteria was 

  •  Make it easy to build
  •  Make it easy to roll around
  •  Make it so that the compressor is more stable. as most compressors are top heavy.
  •  Make it inexpensive to build

So I sketched up some crude drawing. mostly for the dimensions. Headed over to Petes shop Where all my P.P. Aluminum is. He and I settled on the legs being cut for some leftover tubing. in fact all of the stand was built from left over materials.  

I can not begin to tell you how easy this rolls around now. It weighs in at just under 600lbs. rolls like its 100lbs. Also no vibration, No rolling around when its running Also, it feels like its pretty much impossible to tip over. so a huge win on the stability.



I have still to do:

  • Paint the stand
  • Add leveling/Anchor feet Will go in the existing compressor feet and adjust them down to anchor the compressor when needed.

Mods continued here

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