Atlas Lathe 10″ just about complete. (Updated shots. 05.26.2013)

Updated shots. 05.26.2013



I need to find some old pics of my lathe when I first picked it up.

anyways I completely tore it down. and rebuilt it.
I choose not to use the included factory stand. and built my own.

From old to new.


here is an early pic of my rebuild 


The stand stripped down and repainted. I have yet to refinish the wood planks.


The lathe on its new stand along with cabinet full of drawers.


just another view of the cabinet and its drawers.


3 comments on “Atlas Lathe 10″ just about complete. (Updated shots. 05.26.2013)”

  1. Rob Keys says:

    Love the lathe stand. Just picked up a Atlas lathe myself and it didn’t come with a stand. i wanted to know if you where willing to give me a little more info about it. i would appreciate any thing you are wiling to share.
    Thank you

  2. Buddy says:


    I’m tring to buy one like yours how much do they run in price?

    Thanks Buddy

    1. Chief Floor sweeper says:

      Thats a real difficult question to answer. I think the typical Atlas 10QC is going for anywhere between 400 and 1500. Tooling may or may not be included depending on the condition of the lathe. Tooling can easily out price the lathe itself. As will a possible stand depending on the shape and useability. I completely rebuilt mine. And the Stand is also completely custom too. Most people opt for the DIY route. Time for $ right? I hope that gives you some insight.

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