Atlas Lathe Compound/Crossfeed Dial upgrade

Almost completed my Dial upgrade.
From 1″ to 1.5″ does not sound like much but Whoa!!!! what a diff.

Need to build a index ring for the compound. then Ill be done.

Prior to this I had added trust washers to my factory Atlas dials. So when building the new dials I just
used the thrust bearings.


(Abbove) Rubbing I took from my compound
I generated this design from my rubbing
Imported into Autocad then overlaid shape.
Which got imported into Cambam for further modification.


Right off the mill.


I engraved all three dial at the same time on a small CnC machine
you can see the engraving bit in the background




From (above stock)
I profiled and parted the dials one by one.
See below
Left to right









A good shot of a before and after.
compound(new) Vs Crossfeed (old)
This is a no brainer mod!



Now both of them.




Still need to add a ring just behind the new dial.




Gawd… I love my dials!


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