Atlas Lathe Dial upgrade Pt2

Okay, So Im 99% done.
here are the dials installed along with the crossfeed index plate.

FWiW I have a few drawings for the compound back plate. DWG and my G code file.
Also Somewhere I have the drawings for the dials themselves.

I wanted to just order the dial setup from Jan over at TallGrassTools. he has some great tools
It would have saved me tons of time. But since I had already altered my dials with the thrust bearings.
I had to re think my strategy. And since my modification was not really reversible. I persevered with my current setup.

I did have some challenges with the 4th axis. I managed to get it setup as a true A axis and along with my g code I tried CNCWrapper. while it claimed to convert the code. I spent hours trying to get it just right. finally I threw in the towel and decide to trick the 4th axis as a Y axis.

Going back to my first G code.  I calibrated the 4th axis in Mach3 did a few test passes.
it was accurate to .001 every test. I cut 3 dials. (1 as a spare) I could not have been more pleased.
I will admit I feel a bit of failure not getting the axis to perform as a true “A/ 4th axis”.
But the show must go on.

Ill add possibly some brass thumb screws as lock instead of reaching for the allen wrench. But Ill have to scavenge up a piece for that.

If you have a Atlas lathe? this upgrade is a must imho.




Cross feed index plate marked 3 sides 180,360 & 90
the lower notch can serve as the 180 mark.









2 comments on “Atlas Lathe Dial upgrade Pt2”

  1. dennis says:

    are these still for sale i cant seem to find them on ebay anymore

    1. The Gatekeeper says:

      Currently no. I have on my list of things to do… Build another 100 sets. 1.5″ Im not sure If I’ll do the 2″ ones. If you care to I can let you know when they will be done . As Ill built them first then list on eBay. this way you can get em as soon as they are done. -Sam

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