Atlas Lathe Jack Plate Bearing Mod/Upgrade

Atlas 10″ Lathe Jack shaft bearing upgrade. (See Drawing below)
My newly acquired Atlas lathe has been spewing grease from the old bearing cages
that were used as the main shaft for the pulley arrangement on the moveable jackshaft.
As one of my starter projects I knew it would not be long before I replaced them with
sealed bearings that for my purposes probably will never need changing or servicing.
These are the parts getting replaced.
2 Bearing blocks,bearing cages and 3 lock/thrust plates. (farewell grease hogs!)



You will need 4 bearings, 2 locks and 4 internal lock rings and 2 pcs 2-1/4 x 4-1/2 steel
I first drilled a .75 hole down the center of each part. then  mounted both parts on to the .75 shaft
while on the lathe and faced/turned down the outside profiles.
Afterwards. I mounted each parts while still on the .75 shaft and cut the bearing recess’s and in my case
I added a internal lock ring groove. (To hold the bearing in place.)
(You might want to change the clearances and press the bearings to fit?)
when done. I remounted the parts by the outside and drilled out the 1″ hole all the way thru.
I then went to the drill press and center pecked the .375 x .25 deep holes one each side.
I cleaned up all the sharp edges and spray bombed it.

My parts list:
2x 2-1/4 x 2-1/4 steel blank (I sourced a drop locally 18″ piece for $12.00)
4x bearings: (Also sourced from USA bearings. cannot find my receipt!!! they were dirt cheap though)
2x .75 Zinc Shaft collars: (USA Bearings pt#390326167369 $2.50 pair )
4x Internal lock rings: (Local hardware store.)
And the Parts installed. Whisper quiet!!! and no more grease baths!
***Note added (02/02/2013) the 10/32 bolt you see in the pics standing vertically
right in the middle of each bearing block was not necessary and serves no purpose.



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