Atlas Lathe Speed Controller & Tach

All, On a 10″ Atlas Lathe.
Motor upgraded to a 1/2Hp 3Phase with VFD controller, Also a custom Tachometer and control box with Jog control FWD/REV and safety off.
Atlas Lathe VFD-Controller-Tach-001 Atlas Lathe VFD-Controller-Tach-002 Atlas Lathe VFD-Controller-Tach-003 Atlas Lathe VFD-Controller-Tach-004 Atlas Lathe VFD-Controller-Tach-005 Atlas Lathe VFD-Controller-Tach-006 Atlas Lathe VFD-Controller-Tach-007 Atlas Lathe VFD-Controller-Tach-008 Atlas Lathe VFD-Controller-Tach-009All

2 comments on “Atlas Lathe Speed Controller & Tach”

  1. Wayne Melson says:

    That is a very clean and well put together design. I would like some information if possible, on what kind of tach you used, switches, where sourced, etc.

    1. Master Floor sweeper says:

      Wayne, The entire setup was built by me. Tach included. all the parts were sourced from DigiKey, Mouser and or possibly ebay.
      it was so long ago I would have to go back to my records and look that info up. but probably easier to just order from whomever.
      I still have all my schematics and source code etc.. but like I said it was long ago. sorry for the perhaps vague answers. -Sam

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