Atlas Lathe VFD Tach controller DONE

All, Just completed my long overdue controller for my Atlas Lathe.

It started out pretty decent but I could see it getting much better.
After 4-6 months of use the VFD drive is without a doubt the ticket.
Also my personal homegrown Tach is also the ticket.

I have several tach versions And see it only getting better so when I milled out the face plate I did a spare one for my newer version tach. (not installed but will be soon!)

Getting all the parts ready…


Faceplate is ready.




Made 2 of them so I could dump the 4 switches and
go to a rotary encoder.




My Tach does Metric and Imperial also does Ft,In,Cm,Mm/min on the fly.
and can go from machine to machine. but this one will stay with the Lathe.


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