Coil Winders Atlas 9-781 and DIY

ATLAS Coil winding attachment. # 780 (9-781)

The below Pics are as I received this unit.
it has not been altered in any way that I can tell.




The lower nut is keyed to fit the Atlas cross feed bed.


The long stud has moveable conical washer most likely for
centering any given spool of wire as well as acting as a resistance washer for wire tension.


The pin is indeed made from some composite/fibre like material
It has 2 holes and can be adjusted up down and or any degree angle.


DIY COIL Bobbin assembly.
Im endeavoring to wind a transformer the primary will be from 14G wire and require 231 turns.
the secondary will be a bifilar coil with wire thats 8G and will require 31 turns (with double wire)
The method I intend to use will also incorporate a bobbin that will allow me to turn both sides and be able to break down the bobbin leaving the coil intact.
I cut the primary parts from a piece of .375 lexan. all cut on a cnc machine so the location of the holes
are deadly accurate.
Idea: the 4 outer bolts will act as the extreme inside limits of the coil windings.
Also the bolts allow for the winding to take advantage of the corner radius for the 4 corners/turns.
(Missing) and the spacer will allow for the width of the windings.
This entire rig will be mounted on my Atlas lathe and turned their.
After the coil is entirely wound. all that will be necessary is remove the 4 bolts and the coil will fall
from the jig. of the two plates one is clearance drilled.  and the other is threaded.
Ill add more pics as I progress.







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