Crowner (T&C) Gets some new shoes!



Good friend (2 different friends) of mine needed some rollers replaced.

between the two of them one had the smaller unit and the other had the bigger unit. The rollers? they were the same. I build several sets all from Acetal where the stock rollers are some hybrid plastic that crumbles apart. Also near the bottom I built a full set of Spear tips. for each size tubing. the video show us running some 3′ tubing thru the machine. Prior to the new tips the machine would stall when trying to start the crown. Also, the rollers now get less damage if any with the new tips as without them. The pipe eats away at the roller for each roll.


Tips some of them:

The idea behind using the tips. Is less scaring on the rollers. which means they last longer and you get a better finish. plus less strain on the machine. When inserting the pipe as it passes the 2nd roller and is getting to climb up on the 3rd roller the edge of the pipe scars the roller as it get lifted onto. every time this happens? a new scar. Not anymore!



2 comments on “Crowner (T&C) Gets some new shoes!”

  1. Brandon Torres says:

    Where can I buy a crowner like the one pictured above?

    1. Floor sweeper says:

      Brandon, Sorry for the late reply. I do not think they are made any longer. T&C metals use to make them. but they got bought up by another company.
      So in truth I have no idea. Having worked with several of them. I think one could be built easily and certainly for less $ than they were when they were available.
      I can contact my local company and enquire if it helps and pass the info along. -? -S

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