DIY Circuit boards Tachometer

All I present my DIY Circuit board.
I had a need for a tachometer. and had some previous experience making boards on a cnc machine.
But wasnt happy with the final results though it did work. I figured the etching process might yield better results. And, ? it did!
The board schematic was designed in Diptrace. then I exported the 2 sides to the printer.
I had also used the blue transfer paper which works well. But wanted to try the magazine method.
below are my results it worked quite well. The only thing I didnt like about going the etching method over the CNC method is you still need to drill all the holes. which is a step in it self. its very doable
as I completed all the holes with no broken bits. I used a Dremel on a dremel brand drill press
I think it took me all of 10 mins to drill 2 complete boards.
The laminator has been modded to feed about 1/2 of the speed it normally would. Its a very easy mod.
take it apart flip the gear. put it back together. Done!
I think the hardest part was registering the two sides. so I could etch once. My method was to create 4 registration marks that would line up with 4 drilled hoes in the PCB. line em up if you can see throu the holes your good to go. feed the paper and PCB thru the laminator I did about 10 passes per side.
meaning in all 20 passes. then I went straight to the soapy water dish (water is some what warm to hot)
let it soak for 10 mins. peal the paper off some of the paperstayed with the toner but I didnt care so long as the toner was stuck. then it was off to the bubbler.
after about 8 or so minutes instant board…. !!! Yea.
Then on to te drilling cycles then do an inspection. I coated with solder tint. and soldered on all the parts.




































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