ER collet collection Atlas lathe.

Getting tired of using the 3, 4 jaw chucks and decided to finally add a long overdue  ER arrangement to my
tool collection. I had the ER16 sets from a previous tool So I built an adaptor to fit my Atlas Lathe.
After feeling pretty comfy in doing so. I decided to go big. ER40.
I bought a set of collets off eBay and build the ER adaptor.
I elected to add a prebuilt nut since it was so darn cheap. All in all Im darn happy.
BTW: Must add big THANKS to Jan over at TallgrassTools for the drawings! and help/support.
(Click the pics for supersize!)

This is my Er-16 adaptor.
All te pics from here down are ER-40









ER Collet holders.



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