Etching tank ** UPDATE** 09.06.2013

Updated: 09:06:2013 (Added Pics of Tank)

The Tank is made from 0.25 Acrylic this is a DIY unit Its can just about taken apart with only the actual tank itself being assembled. the Heater and or Bubbler can be completely removed or not
and the PCB can be located on either side or the middle  as well and right left or higher or lower.
All while keeping the boards perfectly vertical  +/- 2 degrees?
I took tons of pics mostly because its clear. and hard to see how its assembled etc…























After several days of my tank sitting all intact with about 1/2 gallon of cupric chloride inside.
I came out this morning to see it all gone and sitting in the bottom of my spillage tank!!!!

Sorry I did not take any pics I was in spill recovery mode!

What I learned. this stuff eats plastic!!! more specifically it eats certain kinds of plastic.

The item I used.

Acrylic plastic: Un phased!
Nylon wire ties: TOTALLY DISSOLVED
Foam bubbler: Un phased
1/8 90’s to connect the tubing:TOTALLY DISSOLVED
3/8pipe-3/16 barb nylon fitting:TOTALLY DISSOLVED
1/8 Water line: Un phased

IF you plan on building something that might sit for extended hours. 
I would highly suggest you build it out of parts immune to cupric chloride
Other wise your bound to have a similar experience as I.

Its not worth jeopardizing your safety for parts that probably cost a lot less that you think. 

In my case I would have used the right parts. But Im always in a hurry and usually 
looking for any part that will allow me to accomplish my mission.
I guess its off to Fisher Scientific for the right parts…

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