Index / Degree Wheel Atlas lathe

Okay, I’m at it again and need to be able to quickly drill holes in a array. All without having to use my Cnc machine or printer. I was thinking I would build a indexing wheel and use my lathe. While the complete installation is not done. The wheel / plate  is. I may polish it up later. But for now. Here is the plate. Aluminum 0.250 x 10″ 0.d. Center hole is 1″
Drawn up  and coded in Cad / CamBam) .
AtlasLatheIndexWheel-02  AtlasLatheIndexWheel-05  AtlasLatheIndexWheel-06  AtlasLatheIndexWheel-09  AtlasLatheIndexWheel-10 AtlasLatheIndexWheel-12   AtlasLatheIndexWheel-14 AtlasLatheIndexWheel-16   AtlasLatheIndexWheel-18  AtlasLatheIndexWheel-21 AtlasLatheIndexWheel-22 AtlasLatheIndexWheel-23 AtlasLatheIndexWheel-25  AtlasLatheIndexWheel-24 AtlasLatheIndexWheel-28 AtlasLatheIndexWheel-27 AtlasLatheIndexWheel-29  AtlasLatheIndexWheel-30 AtlasLatheIndexWheel-31 AtlasLatheIndexWheel-33 AtlasLatheIndexWheel-35  

6 comments on “Index / Degree Wheel Atlas lathe”

  1. Scott Duncan says:

    I’ve been looking for a nice index wheel for my wood lathe. Do you sell the wheel shown for the Atlas Lathe?

    1. Floor Sweeper says:

      Scott, Sorry no I dont. this wheel was a one off for my personal use. Thanks for the compliments.

  2. Steve406sbc says:

    Why do you have the spokes offset? Just for cosmetic reasons?

    1. Floor Sweeper says:

      Steve, Purely cosmetic.

  3. Steve406sbc says:

    Also since you drew it up in cad, any chance you could send me the software file, so I could take a piece of plate somewhere locally and have it either machined or made up on a water jet? Thanks

    1. Floor Sweeper says:

      I’m glad to send you the file. I’ll have to locate it first. my only condition is you send me a few pics of your completed version!

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