Indexing plate complete. (Atlas Lathe 10″)

Pics of my 95% completed setup for Drilling/marking holes etc. The one addition to this setup is the tool post drill setup. Parts are 1: Indexing wheel itself. 2:Locater rod 3:Optional Tool Post Drill
IndexingSetupAtlasLathe-01-w1024-h1024IndexingSetupAtlasLathe-02-w1024-h1024 IndexingSetupAtlasLathe-03-w1024-h1024 IndexingSetupAtlasLathe-04-w1024-h1024
The Assembly gets locked into the spindle hole. The shaft was turned down for a snug fit. (above)
IndexingSetupAtlasLathe-06-w1024-h1024 IndexingSetupAtlasLathe-07-w1024-h1024 IndexingSetupAtlasLathe-08-w1024-h1024
Locater pin 1/8 steel pin (removable and adjustable)(Above)
Locater shaft block. Mounts onto Similar piece ** Not shown (Above)
IndexingSetupAtlasLathe-10-w1024-h1024 IndexingSetupAtlasLathe-11-w1024-h1024 IndexingSetupAtlasLathe-12-w1024-h1024 IndexingSetupAtlasLathe-13-w1024-h1024 IndexingSetupAtlasLathe-14-w1024-h1024
Locater shaft mount (Above)
IndexingSetupAtlasLathe-15-w1024-h1024 IndexingSetupAtlasLathe-16-w1024-h1024
Setup ready to use. waiting for hole selection…(Above)


IndexingSetupAtlasLathe-18-w1024-h1024 IndexingSetupAtlasLathe-19-w1024-h1024
Setup in use…(Above)
IndexingSetupAtlasLathe-20-w1024-h1024 IndexingSetupAtlasLathe-21-w1024-h1024 IndexingSetupAtlasLathe-22-w1024-h1024 IndexingSetupAtlasLathe-23-w1024-h1024
Setup stored away for next use. (Above)
IndexingSetupAtlasLathe-24-w1024-h1024 IndexingSetupAtlasLathe-25-w1024-h1024 IndexingSetupAtlasLathe-26-w1024-h1024 IndexingSetupAtlasLathe-27-w1024-h1024 IndexingSetupAtlasLathe-28-w1024-h1024 IndexingSetupAtlasLathe-29-w1024-h1024 IndexingSetupAtlasLathe-30-w1024-h1024 IndexingSetupAtlasLathe-31-w1024-h1024 IndexingSetupAtlasLathe-32-w1024-h1024 IndexingSetupAtlasLathe-33-w1024-h1024 IndexingSetupAtlasLathe-34-w1024-h1024 IndexingSetupAtlasLathe-35-w1024-h1024 IndexingSetupAtlasLathe-36-w1024-h1024 IndexingSetupAtlasLathe-37-w1024-h1024

5 comments on “Indexing plate complete. (Atlas Lathe 10″)”

  1. Bill Maguire says:

    Hi, I am a fellow Atlas 10″ x 48″ lathe owner who happens to live in Ventura, CA also. Born and raised.
    You have done a fabulous job on not only your indexer but the entire machine! My father bought it in 1953 I have been buying tooling and
    making improvements.

    1. Master floor sweeper. says:

      Bill, Million thanks. The man I bought it from claimed his Grand dad bought it new and promised to give it to him one day.
      It sat broken down in pieces. for years after he gave it to him as promised. He listed it on Craigslist. and I was the lucky one to get it.
      thats all the history I have for the machine. I intend on keep it it alive As long as Im alive! though Im getting old!
      again thanks!

      1. Bill Maguire says:

        Turns out we live near each other. I am just east of Cachuma on Jamestown.
        Looks like your near Jasper.
        I just replaced my half nut with a bronze set and now I need to get the steel bevel gear drive for the cross feed. Have fun, Bill

  2. Alex says:

    Amazing job on the index plate project and most of all the restoration of your Atlas! The base table and chip guards look amazing, truly a work of art! I’m working on upgrading the dials on my machine and I’m curious what technique you used to engrave the markings on your index plate, etching? CNC?


    1. Floor Sweeper says:

      Alex, I used a home-brewed Taig Cnc setup. video is somewhere on my Youtube page. Ill send a link or post one up. Thanks for the kudos -S

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