Laser 50W 500×300 China.

New to me is this China so called 50 W laser and has a 500×300 foot print. used off craigslist.
Sitting on its new rolling stand
(Above) The Light Object LO-X7 DSP
(below) The Y axis limit switch. scheduled to be removed.
The new Limit switch in service. Ill get the model # But in a nut shell its a magnetic reed switch. Normally open. N.O.
This is the Y axis Minimum limit switch Mounted pretty much where the old switch was mounted. I used some Aluminum 1/2 u channel as a mounting plate.
Closer view of the mount.
This is the ad on plate for the Yaxis magnet plate. Some aluminum angle with a small magnet epoxy’d onto a 8×32 screw.
A view of the entire Y Axis Limit switch and adjuster.
X Axis Limit switch mounting.
a View from behind the X Axis adjuster screw.
X Axis Adjuster screw
Adjuster screw. a 8×32 screw with a magnet glued to the end.
My DSP mount. I replaced the inner liner with a new piece of 3/16 Black ABS. I still need to clean up the wiring.
My Chiller tank 4″ Clear PVC
Temporary switch array.
Laser50W-2024 Laser50W-2025
End cap removed in preparation for the new 1000mm Tube coming from Light object.
Lower shelf view with temporary DIY chiller
Inside the chiller.
Laser50W-2029  Laser50W-2031 Laser50W-2032
DIY Laser beam alignment tool This is just a piece of aluminum I turned on my lathe.  On one end fits snuggly into the end of the Co2 laser. Off ebay or similar I installed el-cheapo laser pointer down the middle and used 3 set screws to align it so its truly centered.I then drilled 3 holes so I could choose which ones the wires would pass thru. Works perfectly.
Laser50W-2033 Laser50W-2034
The red paint is to lock/hold the lens alignment of the laser pointer itself.
Laser50W-2035 Laser50W-2036  Laser50W-2038
Below is as delivered still has the old controller installed. never been plugged in.
Laser50W-1001 Laser50W-1002 Laser50W-1003 Laser50W-1004 Laser50W-1005 Laser50W-1006 Laser50W-1007
Below is my DIY chiller waiting to go into service! this is a prototype. once I see the pros/cons Ill adjust and re fabricate a new box / mount
Laser50W-1008 Laser50W-1009
Old DSP info
Laser50W-1010 Laser50W-1011 Laser50W-1012
Old board DSP. still worked.
Below is the tube. it has some serious build up in the tube and need real attention.
Laser50W-1015 Laser50W-1016 Laser50W-1017 Laser50W-1018 Laser50W-1019
I have begun the clean up of the inside of the tube. I flushed CLR thru it for 2 days straight. and wow did it get clean…
Laser50W-1020 Laser50W-1021 Laser50W-1022 Laser50W-1023 Laser50W-1024
Apparently the corrosion was so bad the water inlets were hanging by a thread. and pretty much fell off in my hands after the cleaning. Fortunatly for me I was able to machine up some new ones and quickly epoxied them back into place. now all I have to do is hope they dont leak!
Laser50W-1025 Laser50W-1026 Laser50W-1027 Laser50W-1028 Laser50W-1029 Laser50W-1030 Laser50W-1031 Laser50W-1032 Laser50W-1033 Laser50W-1034
SUCESS!!!! No leaks works perfectly.
Laser50W-1035 Laser50W-1036 Laser50W-1037 Laser50W-1038

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