My etching tank. 11/2012

After pouring over countless sites looking at various tank designs… And, looking at what I had

laying around to build with. Here is my tank in all its glory.

About the Etching material. :

Great starter page for those of you looking to learn!–A-better-etc/?ALLSTEPS

The tank is in the process of making its own. cupric chloride solution.
IF you look closely you can see my copper donor hanging from some fishing line.
My initial mixture was 2:1 and was clear. it almost turned green the second my copper entered the tank. 
Bubbles: My take was to get the most and smallest bubbles possible. I use on the the bubblers that look like soft foam. cost about 3.00 for 36″ I removed the lead insert and secured it to the bottom of the tank.
If my tank had a design that it takes the most from it would be this tank… 




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