PM 14×40 E-LB Tach Sensor Mount

Needed to built a mount for the Tachometer. I settled on this. Thank gawd for my Atlas Lathe! I kept pouring over a bracket. What if?? What if… What the hell? 🙂  I’ll use an adjustable one!

This is the after…(below) The mount allows me to move etc when ever where ever I’ll need to. Its rock solid.

The ring has a single step to clear the threads on the spindle. 3 grub screws @120,  the neodymium magnet is a press fit. (with epoxy). A simple machining operation.

2 comments on “PM 14×40 E-LB Tach Sensor Mount”

  1. Edward says:

    I like the idea and would like more info on the device i.e. does the outside dia. need to be at a certain dia. etc.

    1. Chief Floor sweeper says:

      Edward, The O.D. is not critical in any way other than it just to no interfere with anything. as an example if the OD was 4″ or 3″ it makes abso no difference the Tach just count how many times it passes by.. Th I.D.? now that matters it just needs to fit your spindle shaft. Thanks. -S

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