PM 14×40 E-LB VFD mod continued-3

FWiW: All the engraving was done on the back side. and then filled in with black paint. This way the front is smooth and easy to clean. 🙂


Video of the cutting is here. 🙂


From here down the panels were FAILS!!! 2 of them.

Fail #1: spelled left the “e” off of before!

Fail #2 had some mystery “00’s” come up in the lase.

#3 was the charm. Notice its all backwards. This way from the front side its smooth as buttah!

Fixed the befor”e”… some how ended up with 2 00’s in the mix? WTF!?@#….

Mouse over for components (Above)

Continuing on my journey to convert this PM14x40 dual phase lathe into a VFD version. Also using some of Mark J’s brilliant setup. Yes, I could have ditto’d my previous setups. But in truth I think Marks version is more appropriate for this lathe. lets get one thing straight any lathe will hurt you. But this one will not tolerate even the slightest of mistakes. and from what I know even digits don’t grow back. So I’m going to go the extra mile and make it as safe as I can. Where I left off was optimizing the components layout inside my fabricated box.

  • How to fit in all the parts and make it maintainable?
  • Will need to decide on the final fit
  • wire it up
  • disassemble clean up and paint
  • re-fit all the new final parts.

And, with any luck it will work. Below are some pics outlining my journey.

So here is the old nightmare of a box: with the old motor still mounted below.

Below is the new box.  Same width, slightly deeper but 7″ taller. (to make room for all the electronics) Also, The DRO will still need to get mounted on the outside. and the front facing (back of the box) part wil get the Tachometer and speed pot. Oh and a 120 duplex plug.

Starting my layout on some ABS. then once finalized will all get moved over to some aluminum.


All the pre wiring is just to get a feel for the real wiring.(all that you see will get discarded.)

I decided that the stock face plate will do just fine. during one of my trial fits I discovered the Jog switch hits the headstock casting. As luck would have it? I can grind away the offending parts and still get a fit. (below)

the headstock casting portion for the shaft that is used to select the lead screw direction. needs some grinding away. it was 1/2 thick in some sections.

(you can just make out my pencil marks for the target grind to lines.

Ground away no more conflicts. 🙂

(Back to the box)

Oh had to deal with the massive motor swap. seems Ill have to cut the cover Lucky me it will just need cutting only.

Below final layout ROUGH IN…

take it apart and get the real back plane made paint re-assemble.

Notification 2
This is the back-side of the tachometer. hole cut into panel so can be viewd from operator side of lathe.
I re-used the main power switch from the old panel.
Hole for speed pot (2K potentiometer) Pot will mount inside of box. knob will be exposed on operator side of panel
Additional 120mm / 220v fan. one can never have enough cooling?

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Now thats coming together 🙂

From the front. DRO mounted. With articulating & adjustable height arm. Tach and Speed pot installed.

Side Duplex power installed.

Ran into some challenges after doing some test runs.

Upon initial starting up. the VFD just showed 3 lines... 🙁 As if it were fubard'?)

Turns out the power wiring differs from what the manual says. (Marks enlightenment saved the day here.) Rewired.... back in business  Sol? drop the Incoming neutral, Replace with the 2nd phase. 🙂

Then more headaches. the system just isn't working. Having poured over the schematic literally a few dozen times.... turns out? the 2 things I didn't check and or replace. 1: the Emergency stop limit switch was set to be N.C. and needs to be N.O. easy fix... Next intermitting what looks like a short. Well? the 4 lead cable inside the shift lever housing was indeed shorted... So I just replaced the entire cable.

Now she fires up and I have motor action! more to come 🙂

Some things to note about my journey.

  • Never assume anything. (could some part be defective? Yes! it probably will be)
  • If you are cutting corners? it is gonna come back and haunt you.
  • Surround yourself with good parts and good people. (a good schematic doesn't hurt either 🙂 )

Many many thanks to MARKJ...

Pics of it powered up. Vid soon to come

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