Precision Matthews 14×40 E-LB

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Here is a link to the current manual <here>

Ordered 1 week prior. came via UPS Freight.

It arrived!


Preparing the lathe for some wheels. (yes, I know this a frowned upon subject.) but hey its mine and this is the way I roll!


Getting busy in Sketchup designing an easy reliable way to move this on ah whim.

Wheel Mounts built. time to do a test fit. and see how she rolls. Also, the leveling feet idea are from a youtube user Dieselshadowman. thanks for the tip.

Wheels adaptors painted and mounted. (below)

Spindle: D1-5 Cam lock system Currently waiting for new CamLock pins. (below)

The ones that it shipped with? un-useable. the pics below are after I tried to remove all the irregularities. having move them around from hole to hole as well as trying different chucks. they are either impossible to start to turn right from the 12: Position or they dont begin to tighten up until after the 6: position or they just turn the entire time. or they require a breakerbar to turn. etc..  Yes I tried adjusting the heights of the pins on either the faceplate or work holding device.

The machine pulls just over 6 amps per leg. see both pics. free spinning no load. (below)


The machine does indeed have a Jog button!  (Below) the button that looks like a “T” with a circle around it.


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