Precision Matthews PM 14x40E-LB Light Electronics updates mods

Having had several lathes and many failed lights I dont have much faith in the stock as delivered light the one located on the saddle. So as I often do. I am trying a completely new configuration.

A dentist light.  All parts sourced on ebay, amazon and DIY

  • Light arm
  • Light (the actual light it self)
  • 12v PS Amazon
  • Bracket for entire assembly


After obtaining all the parts I quickly decided on a location for the light. Made a bracket of sorts. along with a backing plate and mounted the bracket to the back splash.

Assembled the light assembly. Dropped it into the socket. DONE..


The electronics are going to be pretty simple But I cannot complete them as of yet. I will be making a control panel for other things like speed control etc… this is where Ill add a master on/off for the light. But for now the on/ off is on the light itself. 

The PS will get mounted somewhere on the back of the lathe. 

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