Steering wheel mod 2015 F350 Superduty

I present my 2nd steering wheel.
Description: The Factory wheel for this truck is all leather. I don’t particularly care for “ALL” leather. since most wheels get damaged on the top from the Florida sun as well as handling them with dirty hands. My solution is to replace the top section with a hard painted surface.
Ford use to offer this sort of wheel in the past but has stop offering it in my style truck. Otherwise the wheel would have only needed to get re painted to match.
The newest wheel is here at the top. And for reference the older wheel at the bottom with the same mold used for both.

View from outside of the truck (wheel painted to match Exterior color)




Painted view top
Stitching right
Stitching left
Stitching btm lef
Paint view
Looking in from outside
From drivers view
************************* MOLD and 1st wheel below ********************
Wheel cleaned up for dissection


Parts cut away.


Parts removed (later to be replaced with Solid material)


Mold cast for part


Part has been casted and removed.
Its very hard to see but black pigment has been added to the cast material.
So the outcome is very much the same color.


Sprue still attached to the part.


Sprue hole in mold


Wheel voids filled with urethane.








Once cleaned up the next step is the covering phase.


Wheel getting wrapped with Ultra Suede.




Close up before stitched.


















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