Tool cart Mod (Horrible freight) US General.

In need of a cart/tool box to server my laser.. So again I combed the net for solutions. and decided the horrible freight tool cart is as good as its going to get. the only real down fall to this cabinet in my opinion is the lid… while it looks cool and works great. Its one biggest flaw? you can’t use the surface to work on. and still access the inside tools. the lid it self has a mechanism that will not allow the drawers to open unless the lid it self is open! WTF?!.
Time to mod the hell out of the lid. 1st step. “Remove all the mechanisms regarding the lid locking the drawers”. Okay now the drawers can be opened with no respect to the lid. 2nd step. mod the lid to be a work surface. and still be able to get inside the cabinet. “drawer slides”!!!!.
Pics below.

2 comments on “Tool cart Mod (Horrible freight) US General.”

  1. M james says:

    if horrible, why modify????

    1. The Gate keeper says:

      The cart isn’t horrible it just had some attributes that did not suit me. so I modded them hence the mod and explination.
      The term Horrible freight wasn’t directed at this specific product. its a general term like Dons lounge. while they have many great deals.
      they also have some horrible products. IMO. (the cart is not one of them).

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