Transformers… enuf said…

Some people collect butterflies…, I collect… well… transformers…
they aint pretty either.

MOT,Trex1 and Trex2


Trex1 Unassembled
OA: 5.25″x 5.75″x 2.375
The center post is 1.375″x 4.0″ x 2.375
The holes are 4.0″ x 1.01″ x 2.375″


Trex1 side


Trex 1 is assembled in layers reversing the E from each side.
Trex1 has 4 sets of windings
the smaller outer is the Primary 120V made up from 231 winds.
then the other 3 sets were 2.5V 5.0 and 56.0v
the other 2 sets are not shown
But can be seen on Trex 2




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