Visiting a Local Expert Sailmakers shop in the Cayman Islands.

Im on Va-kay in the Cayman islands…
decided to see what a sailmakers shop looks like….

I was lucky on this day the owner was in and sewing up some large canopy thingy…
Moni(ck)a was more than inviting and explained to me more than I would ever want to
know about sewing up large thingys…
 Moni(ck)a explained to me she does more than just sails and thingy’s she does almost anything that needs sewing from A to Z like Boat windows, cushions and boat interiors. I’m almost ashamed to say she rattled off a list I could not recall. she sews it all. “Trust me”.
So, If you find your self in the Caribbean specifically the Cayman Islands this is your shop.
The shop was very clean and though she was forthcoming with almost any question I threw at here she kept on working.
(And her helper Tim.)
See my next post (where to drink while here..) BillyBones in the heart of Seven mile beach GC.

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