Welding Cart Part 1

Premise: Be more efficient!
Make a cart for all my welding needs.
Items to Store:

  • AHP Tig Welder
  • Water cooler system
  • Anderson Stainless Tank
  • Argon Bottle
  • HTP Plasma cutter
  • All cables hoses Tig and Plasma related
  • Built in Electrical
  • Storage for Consumables.

Again Mr. Pete (Monopoli Marine) comes thru! He provided me with a tank, the Pump, the aluminum to make the stand As well as many other bits (Cables, fittings ) He and I decided on what you see in the Pic. Typically I would have thought it thru more thoroughlly and used cad to draw up some sort of stand. but this was the throw it together version. All aluminum 4 Cast/Urethane casters.  Below are the pics. Though, Its not done yet. I have assembled and dis-assembled this thing more times than I can remember. With still many more iterations to come.
Once you see Paint? Suggestions welcome! That will be the last time. Color is still up in the air. Ill post some pics of it empty just before paint.

First view of stand with major parts.


Hinge for top lid storage will be between the lid and above the AHP welder

Rough up of the hose/ lines holders

Plug for the Plasma cutter

Electrical rough in.
50Amp Main breaker (Left side) Top plug is 15A for Pump, Middle plug 20A for Plasma and Bottom right plug 40A for Tig Welder

Ground block for the 2 units to share. this way I’ll have 1 long ground cable!

1st water pumped thru the coolant system

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