Welding – Fabrication Table

All I submit my version of a Welding / Fabrication table.

Having gone over many versions of what fits my shops needs the most. I finally settled on a fabrication table of sorts.

This idea is: Make it small enough to store in my shop when not being used. if it doubles as a table for other uses thats a plus. Adjustable height.

I dont have a lot of space to spare so I decided on 2’x3′ give or take. I also wanted to be able to clamp things down if need be.

Parts used:

  1. Horrible Freight 1000 Lbs Hydraulic Table cart.
  2. S.S  24x36x0.375 (the table top)
  3. S.S. 0.25″ x many sizes for the frame work

Here is what Im going to modify.

Take measurements. Draw up parts to be cut.(laser cut) assemble parts.

Good ole Sketchup. (below)

an x-ray view of the table

The parts just back from the laser. cleaned up deburred test/trial fitting.

Time to clamp the parts down for welding.

The table has found it home. Atop the HF cart. works just as expected. I still need to shorten the  handle so that any work that might hang over the edge wont conflict.

Many many thanks to “MR PETE!” for facilitating the ease of getting this done.


*** UPDATE***

The handle: chrome part sticks up above the surface of the table when at full height about +2″. Plus the handle as delivered form HF is designed to fold down towards the table when not in use. I modded the handle in 2 ways. 1: I cut +/-4″ off the bottom legs and re drilled the 2 pin holes. 2: I reversed the lower assembly that the handle pins too. this way the handle folds away from the table (reversed).. My next mod. will be to restore the handle folding towards the table but Ill need to 1: make a 2″ tall spacer for the lower mounts and further cut off another 2″ for the offset of the handle. restoring the handles ability to fold forward towards the table top when not in use. Then the handle will operate as intended and not stick above the table when at full height. Ill add pics soon.


Video here.




2 comments on “Welding – Fabrication Table”

  1. Colleen Hathaway says:

    Hey, would you share the file? I first saw this here then I went to your YouTube and saw where you shared with someone else in the comments but didnt see an email anywhere.

    1. Floor sweeper says:

      I can send you the cad file in an email. gimme a few and Ill send. -Sam
      BTW: Please keep me in the know if you finish your version. I’d love to see it.

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