Wells Index 857 Vertical mill. Finds its new home!

New to me is this mill. Found her on Craigslist.
Only pics I took whilst loaded up. Many thanks to Mr Rick for helping me bring her home!
Got her home…
WellsIndex-AsIs001 WellsIndex-AsIs002
  WellsIndex-Measure-AsIs001 WellsIndex-Measure-AsIs002 WellsIndex-Measure-AsIs003 WellsIndex-Measure-AsIs004  WellsIndex-Measure-AsIs006 WellsIndex-Measure-AsIs007 WellsIndex-Measure-AsIs008 WellsIndex-Measure-AsIs009 WellsIndex-Measure-AsIs010 WellsIndex-Measure-AsIs011 WellsIndex-Measure-AsIs012 WellsIndex-Measure-AsIs013 WellsIndex-Measure-AsIs014 WellsIndex-Measure-AsIs015
Time to measure for a stand….
WellsIndex-MeasureForStand001 WellsIndex-MeasureForStand002 WellsIndex-MeasureForStand003 WellsIndex-MeasureForStand005 WellsIndex-MeasureForStand006 WellsIndex-MeasureForStand007
Wanted to see what condition the paint was in so I buffed out a small section on the top of the column (see the shiny part?)
Stand in the making… Thanks to “SuperJoe-D” for all the welding / hook up!
WellSIndex-Stand001  WellSIndex-Stand003 WellSIndex-Stand004 WellSIndex-Stand005 WellSIndex-Stand006 WellSIndex-Stand007 WellSIndex-Stand008  WellSIndex-Stand010  WellSIndex-Stand012 WellSIndex-Stand013 WellSIndex-Stand014 WellSIndex-Stand015 WellSIndex-Stand016 WellSIndex-Stand017 WellSIndex-Stand018 WellSIndex-Stand019 WellSIndex-Stand020 WellSIndex-Stand021 WellSIndex-Stand022
I prepped and painted the lower section of the mill in preparation of setting her in the stand. Once in the stand I’ll not be able to paint that portion. at least not easily.
WellsIndex-Paint-PrepForStand001  WellsIndex-Paint-PrepForStand003  WellsIndex-Paint-PrepForStand005  WellsIndex-Paint-PrepForStand007  WellsIndex-Paint-PrepForStand009 WellsIndex-Paint-PrepForStand010  WellsIndex-Paint-PrepForStand012 WellsIndex-Paint-PrepForStand013  WellsIndex-Paint-PrepForStand015 WellsIndex-Paint-PrepForStand016 WellsIndex-Paint-PrepForStand017
Paint color is 7786 Smoke Gray
And now in the Stand!
WellsIndex-InTheStand001 WellsIndex-InTheStand002
STAND: Tech Specs
Constructed from 2″ x 5″ x 3/16″ Rec tubing 45’d and completely welded closed. Leveling feet on all corners, Wheels are 800-900 Lb Caset steel with Urethane belt/tire. 2 straight and 2 swivel. Sanded painted Rust-oleum.
Concept. Roll when needed. Park lift up remove wheels. lower onto stand use levelers for tweeking. reverse operation for future moving.
Also. Thanks to my wife for putting up with my obsessions… ThanX Lisa :0

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