X Carriage pt2 Continued (MendelMax 1.5376894023879)

Okay, so making some progress.
The orange extruder is part of the replacement (The old one melted down too) and is from ABS. One of my new friends (John H over at Tampa Hackerspace) was kind enough to print it for me. (And quickly too) The New X Carriage is best explained as its all aluminum. The LM10UU bearings are a slip fit and held in simply with rubber O rings. If your familiar with these bearings  then you know theirs a small groove on each end. perhaps for a snap ring. I choose to use an o-ring. I cut the sleeves just short of the dimensions planning to use them and they worked like a charm. Also, This is the 3rd carriage. As the first two failed during their assembly. The tubes are a thin 0.043 thick.   Tig welding them to the 6061 didn’t exactly go as planned. For the last attempt I decided to build a JIG to hold all the parts in place and then soldered them together. finally it worked like a charm.
As for the belt. I cut 2 small grooves and slipped the belt thru the holes and secured with a plastic wire tie. I could have made the overall carriage much smaller but was not sure if I would require a mounting point for some unseen fan etc… So, I decided to leave the foot print as you see it. And now that I have a JIG I can build a smaller lighter one in no time flat!
I have yet to re zero the table in relation to the X Carriage thats next.
NewXCarriagePt2-001 NewXCarriagePt2-002 NewXCarriagePt2-003 NewXCarriagePt2-004 NewXCarriagePt2-005 NewXCarriagePt2-006 NewXCarriagePt2-007 NewXCarriagePt2-008 NewXCarriagePt2-009 NewXCarriagePt2-010 NewXCarriagePt2-011 NewXCarriagePt2-012 NewXCarriagePt2-013 NewXCarriagePt2-014 NewXCarriagePt2-015 NewXCarriagePt2-016

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