X Carriage replacement All Metal (Al-U-Mini-Yum)

Whilst xtruding some ABS. my carriage decided to lay down and die. I thought “Hey I’ll just print one from ABS! Problem solved”. well. not so fast Mr Gumby…. Im dead in the wa wa. I cant print anything. This coupled with the thoughts of future carriages failing. I figured time to make one from some material other than plastic. I went with aluminum. 1: Because its light 2: I have lots of scraps laying around.
My setup (current) X carriage rides on a set of LM10UU bearings. The tubes are 0.7 deep and 19mm Diameter. The main plate is some 6061. I soldered the tubes to the plate. via a Jig I made.
Underside of replacement carriage. this thing is light. and Im not done drilling holes.  Few more holes. little cleaning up of the welds. then its back to melting more “plas-teak”
Updates will follow. (See here for continued Pt2)

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